I’m an injection medication individual; does PrEP work with me personally?

Yes. Research shows that Truvada for PrEP works for HIV prevention for folks who inject medications.

In case you’re interested to understand more about the study, the Bangkok Tenofovir Study compared Truvada by having a placebo capsule in more than 2,400 individuals whom reported inserting medications through the past 12 months in Bangkok, Thailand. Truvada ended up being related to an almost 49% general lowering of danger of HIV disease in IDU participants. Protection risen to 74% the type of whom took the research medication via directly seen therapy during hospital visits. Because individuals into the research might have been both injecting medications and sex that is having condoms, it’s still uncertain whether Truvada specifically prevents “parenteral” HIV acquisition—that is, acquisition through injection in the place of intercourse.

I’m a teenager under 18 yrs old; does PrEP work with me personally?

More research has to be achieved to work out the safety and effectiveness of PrEP for those who are more youthful than 18 yrs . old. You can find studies underway aided by the Adolescent Trials system attempting to respond to this concern.

Is PrEP right for me personally? That is PrEP meant for?

PrEP isn’t the right complement everybody but could be helpful for guys, ladies, and trans women that have reached danger for HIV disease through intercourse and inserting medication use and ok utilizing the concept of using a regular pill to avoid HIV. Then PrEP may be one HIV prevention strategy to consider if you can answer yes to any of the questions below.

  • Can you make use of condoms sometimes or perhaps not after all?
  • Would you get often get STIs in the sofa?
  • Would you often get STIs in your vagina?
  • Perhaps you have taken post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) over and over again within the year that is past?
  • Have you been in a relationship that is serodiscordant where your intimate partner is HIV good and you’re HIV negative?
  • Have you been in a available relationship or having anal and/or vaginal sex with numerous partners?
  • Have you been making love with somebody whoever HIV status you don’t understand?
  • Have you been sex that is having somebody in a town or area where in fact the HIV prevalence is high—that is, where you can find many individuals coping with HIV?

I do believe I’ve been acc >

No. Because it is meant to reduce your risk before exposure if you have been exposed to HIV, PrEP is not the best option for you. If you’re scanning this within 72 hours after publicity, give consideration to starting PEP (short for post-exposure prophylaxis), a month-long span of medications that can lessen the chances of illness. To gain access to PEP, immediately contact your medical practitioner and/or go directly to the emergency room that is nearest. PEP should be started within 72 hours after publicity. You can get PEP here if you are in San Francisco, find out how.

My partner is HIV-positive and I also have always been HIV-negative; is PrEP right for me personally?

PrEP can be one HIV prevention technique for one to start thinking about to reduce your HIV danger, and may be properly used along with other HIV avoidance methods. We’re exactly about being proactive regarding your intimate wellness alternatives.

for instance, when your HIV-positive partner has already been using HIV medicines to deal with his/her HIV and minimize viral load to invisible amounts, it decreases his/her chance of transmitting herpes to you personally. In the event that you add PrEP to your equation, then chances are you would include another layer of protection to reduce your HIV danger. As being a disclaimer, keep in mind that PrEP will not protect you against other STIs, like gonorrhea or syphilis, or pregnancy that is prevent. It’s essential for one to have available interaction along with your partner as well as your medical practitioner about whether PrEP are a beneficial choice for you to definitely give consideration to.

My intercourse partner is using HIV medicines to take care of his/her HIV. Will my medications that are anti-HIV using the HIV medicines she or he is using?

No, your medications that are anti-HIV perhaps maybe maybe not connect to the HIV medicines that your particular partner is using. The anti-HIV medicines you might be using strive to avoid HIV illness from taking place within you and no body else’s, and the other way around.

Additionally on an equivalent note, sharing medicines with one another is just a no-no that is big. Not merely does sharing suggest your lover could come to an end of meds unexpectedly (and start to become at an increased risk for developing medication resistance), the medicines your lover provides may possibly not be the exact same ones utilized in secure and efficient PrEP.

I’m the HIV-negative partner in a heterosexual, serodiscordant relationship and we’re hoping to get expecting and commence http://yourbrides.us/asian-brides/ a household; can PrEP assist us do this properly?

Yes, PrEP is one of several choices open to you while you make choices on how to properly conceive and also a family group. Because there is research showing that PrEP works for HIV avoidance for adult heterosexual men and women, more research has to be achieved on females utilizing PrEP during maternity.

Since the hopeful soon-to-be mother, there are numerous things to consider that you ought to consult with your lover and doctor— overall health, fertility, STIs, HIV viral load associated with HIV-positive partner, and danger of HIV transmission—before hoping to get expecting. as an example, studies have shown then PrEP may not have additional protective benefits if your partner has an undetectable viral load with effective HIV treatment and you limit sex without a condom to the woman’s most fertile days. It is crucial to talk about together with your partner and medical practitioner just just just what HIV prevention strategy works for you to definitely guarantee a healthier maternity and minmise your threat of acquiring HIV.

Whenever considering PrEP, it’s crucial to keep in mind that medicines employed for HIV therapy and avoidance will vary, so it’s never as straightforward as sharing medicines between lovers. Study: Try not to try out this on your own; sharing medicines with one another is a big no-no. While using the PrEP, the HIV-negative partner will have to work closely with a health care provider for monitoring. To learn more about your choices for having an infant and referrals to clinics providing assisted reproduction solutions to HIV-affected couples, please contact Shannon Weber with Bay Area Perinatal AIDS Center and nationwide Perinatal HIV Hotline at 415-206-4241 or sweber@nccc.ucsf.edu.

Could I nevertheless just just take PrEP when I have my duration?

From that which we know up to now, being in your duration must not influence the potency of PrEP.

If I just take PrEP while pregnant or breastfeeding, just just how will PrEP influence the infant?

While PrEP reduces the HIV threat of the mother that is HIV-negative child, more scientific studies are needed seriously to determine the long-lasting wellness results for kids whose mothers utilize PrEP during maternity and/or nursing.

I have to use condoms if I use PrEP, do?

We’re perhaps not right right here to function as the condom police and determine your sex-life. To respond to this relevant question, it truly is dependent on everything you along with your partner want and need which will determine whether you “have” to utilize condoms. There are numerous options currently available to avoid HIV. Whom does not love options? Needless to say, the same as condoms, PrEP just works if it is used by you.

By using PrEP regularly and properly, its 92%–99% effective in cutting your HIV danger, whether you employ a condom or perhaps not. PrEP will not protect against STIs, like gonorrhea, Chlamydia, or syphilis, and will not prevent maternity. (Condoms do drive back HIV, STIs, and maternity.)

Condoms are and carry on being a fruitful device in reducing HIV danger, but we realize that lots of individuals are currently staying away from condoms every time they will have intercourse. PrEP is definitely a tool that is additional start thinking about for HIV prevention.

We never utilize condoms; is PrEP right for me?

People don’t usage condoms for a great deal of different reasons. You are in a monogamous relationship, or perhaps you understand your sex partner stocks the exact same HIV status while you, or you don’t just like the means they feel, etc. In the event that you never utilize condoms, are HIV-negative, and they are worried about your HIV danger, then PrEP could be a good HIV avoidance selection for you to definitely think about.

There are some other possibilities too. Many people seroposition when you are the insertive (top) or receptive bottom that is( sexual partner, serosort by partnering with individuals who possess similar HIV status, decrease the number of individuals they usually have intercourse with, use female condoms, have intercourse with HIV-positive partner(s) with invisible viral load(s), and/or utilize PrEP. Some methods are far more effective than the others according to a number of different facets. All of it depends upon that which you find is most effective for you personally and exactly how comfortable you might be with various degrees of HIV danger.